Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Dear colleagues
Please write back to indicate you received this mail!

We are all back to this week's duties. But please take time and get ready
for Friday, 26 February. I am repeating homework here
Homework 2010-02-19
1. Create a blog
2. Review handouts and addresses – mark your observations as to how you
can use the material or activities that are in the handouts post to your
3. Write a lesson plan where you introduce a new activity or a new
resource (post to a blog).

Here are also the addresses of the blogs we have for use:



Some of you have already joined our blogs! Well done!
I am sending this email to both blogs as well.

Doc.dr.Lora Tamošiūnienė
Užsienio kalbų katedra
Mykolo Romerio universitetas
Ateities 20
LT-08303 Vilnius
Tel.: 25714613

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